A phone call from a doctor late at night was how Shirley Utudjian found out she had diabetes. Her blood sugar levels were so high that the doctor was sure of it. Her mother lived with diabetes, but Shirley was still shocked to hear the news. Today, Shirley takes an active role in her life […]

We are delighted to announce Live Empowered with Diabetes, a half hour cable television program that highlights issues around diabetes prevention and management. The show is aired the first and third Monday of each month at 5:00pm. The host of the show is Al Whitaker, Director of Mission Delivery. Some of the previous guests include: […]

  Members of ADA New England went to the Veronica Smith Senior Center in Brighton, Massachusetts last week to conduct a lecture and discussion about diabetes for elderly Irish immigrants. The Director of Mission Delivery, Albert Whitaker, talked with members of the group while enjoying some of their tasty, homemade Irish bread. He then spoke […]

Once a month, the American Diabetes Association New England puts on an educational workshop on diabetes at the United South End Settlements. These workshops include lectures, discussion, and cooking demonstrations to help attendees understand how to manage diabetes effectively. The photos below are from the June meeting.

The Knock Out Diabetes campaign has been taking over Brockton this month in order to raise awareness and knowledge about the disease. The campaign was put on by Harbor One Credit Union and Signature Healthcare, along with over 50 community co-sponsors, including the American Diabetes Association New England. The campaign started June 9 and featured […]